May 31, 2016

For your home—Easy ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home

Mowning lawn
Outdoor patio set

Maintaining your homes exterior not only helps the resale value of your home, but also the entire street you live on! Plus it looks nice and gives you a sense of pride every time you pull in the driveway. There are many easy and low cost things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home.
  1. Wash your homes exterior. Get a bucket of soapy water and a long-handled, soft bristle brush and start scrubbing. Don’t forget to wash the windows, inside and out.
  2. Repair broken items. Shutters, screens, downspouts, shingles, skirting and steps can all be easily repaired by you and will make your home look like new.
  3. Maintain the lawn. Apply fertilizer and water for an instant refresh. Cover any bare spots with seed and be sure to mow regularly.
  4. Clean out flowerbeds. Remove any weeds and overgrown shrubs, trim foliage and add fresh mulch.
  5. Add color. Plant flowering annuals for the summer and bulbs that bloom in the spring and fall. For some ideas, read “4 low maintenance plants.
  6. Dress up the porch or patio. Adding a welcome mat, pot of flowers and/or outdoor furniture will give your home that extra boost. You can find great deals on patio or bistro sets at local thrift stores or garage sales. Spruce up with a fresh coat of paint or pillows and you are set!